And it rained...

Yes, it has been raining for weeks now here in Andalucia.
Heavy downpours - once last week, I had to sit in the car with my children for 20 minutes before we could get out and run to the house; but I shouldn't complain when people's houses were flooded, and even swept away, in floods all around Andalucia; light drizzle, reminiscent of Britain; thunderstorms (which means no swimming at our local pool, as it's a temporary metal structure and the kids could get sizzled in the water); and steady, consistent rain which goes on for hours.
It's hard to get the washing dry, wellies are often advisable, if not necessary (I'm after some fun floral ones), and the grey skies inevitably fill you with gloom. Especially if you have energetic, bored children in your house. Softplay centres are few and far between where I live, and public pools are out as children can only go in for swimming classes. Muddy puddle jumping (we're a Peppa Pig-loving household) is an acceptable form of diversion, provided all clothing is covered in a waterproof onesie and dirty boots are left at the door.
On the bright side, because there always is one, the reservoirs are at 59%, as of the end of October. This is down on 2011, when the figure was 75%; while ten years ago it was just 48%.
More wet weather is forecasted for the next few days, then sun at the weekend (so says my iPhone, which isn't always accurate, so don't count on it).
If you're interested to see how your local Andalucian reservoirs are doing (don't mock, some people are), this website can tell you everything.
Blog published on 8 November 2012