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Andalucia Post Semana Santa

And this really is something to consider: imagine holding a weeklong party in your home. Would you be ready to dive into "life as usual" on Monday morning? It only makes sense that this week our entire region is suffering a sort of "post Semana Santa hangover" or "post-vacation stress disorder" - you choose. I've always found the post-Holy Week local news to be rather amusing. Of course the week starts off slowly with whatever reporters can come up with after such a week of processions, eating, drinking and the like. Then, about mid-week we can expect news regarding all the efforts that went into cleaning the wax from procession candles off the streets and especially out of those cobblestone cracks! Imagine that! Of course all kinds of special equipment is required, with hot pressure washers and maybe even special chemicals here and there. We're looking at a serious mess. If we're especially lucky, our local town hall will have made some kind of special investment in some new fangled invention that is guaranteed to provide us with the best and brightest post Semana Santa street conditions ever. Otherwise, we'll just get to find out how much the whole operation cost - with overtime hours etc. But don't worry, in most cases this data should be posted conveniently along side larger than life headlines announcing how much money this lucrative religious holiday brought into local coffers - both private and public. But what is really happening behind the scenes in towns, villages and cities across Andalucia this week? You can just bet that the members of the Catholic brotherhoods who organise all the events and schedules for Semana Santa are already working on next year. There are images of Christ and Mary in need of touching up and even serious restoration. New veils to design, candles to order, municipal permits to apply for...
Blog published on 24 March 2008