Another Taste of Summer!

Keeping with the flavourful summer series I began last week, let’s get another recipe. This time it’s time to make a nice cold “Ensaladilla Rusa”, or Russian Potato Salad. As a side note, I asked a Russian friend of mine if this dish really originates from that country and she said she’d never heard of anything like it. This then, is the Spanish idea of what a Russian salad might be like – and it’s a very tasty dish to enjoy in the summer time. Ensaladilla Rusa 5 large boiled potatoes, cold and chopped in small squares 4 or 5 carrots boiled (with the potatoes, if you like), cold and chopped 4 hard boiled eggs, cold and chopped 1 cup of frozen peas, boiled and cooled 4 tins of tuna packed in olive oil Fresh tomatoes, chopped – as many as you like Salt and pepper - to taste Now the healthy version of this salad is dressed with virgin olive oil. However, you can also mix it up with mayonnaise. In Spanish supermarkets there is a special, thin, squeeze-able bottled mayonnaise designed especially for mixing into salads like this. Chill your salad and enjoy it with a bowl of gazpacho and maybe fresh yogurt for dessert. Light, satisfying and cool.
Blog published on 20 July 2009