Are you Happy? Here in Andalucia we are!

"It might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break (Let's face it - those words could have been written with Andalucia in mind.) I’m a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like I don’t care baby by the way. Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth Because I’m happy Clap along if you know what happiness is to you Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do" Even now and again, a song comes along which, however many times you hear it, doesn't get annoying. You still smile and find a spring in your step, even if it's the 50th, or 100th time you've heard it. The song which fits into this category right now, in spring 2014, is Pharrell Williams' Happy. Not only because of its catchy, upbeat tune and simple but joyful lyrics - "Clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do... because I'm happy...", but because of the raft of videos is has inspired. Here at we've been keeping an eye on all the videos which creative Andalucians with a strong sense of fun have been producing. They're a great way of showing visitors their home turf - be it cities like Seville and Granada, or seaside towns like Chipiona, on Cadiz's Costa de la Luz, with its famous lighthouse, or glamorous Marbella (shopping bags in Puerto Banus). Here are our pick - if these don't bring some light to your day with their infectious Andalucian joy, and glimpses of the beautiful places, we'll be very, very surprised! HAPPY SEVILLA HAPPY CHIPIONA HAPPY CORDOBA HAPPY MARBELLA HAPPY JAEN HAPPY GRANADA HAPPY ALMERIA HAPPY ESTEPONA HAPPY VALLE DE ABDALAJIS HAPPY ÁLORA HAPPY RONDA HAPPY FUENGIROLA HAPPY UTRERA HAPPY ROTA HAPPY ALPUJARRAS HAPPY ÚBEDA HAPPY VEJER HAPPY ALCALÁ DE GUADIANA HAPPY BARBATE
Blog published on 5 May 2014