Autumn Harvest in Andalucia

In reality, we have a such a lovely, mild climate there the harvest could be celebrated year round. And thanks to the spread of the plastic greenhouses, even seasonal crops keep going all year. The harvest however is a time of great traditions all over the world and that goes for Southern Spain as well. This time of year wonderful celebrations rooted in centuries of harvest take place in rural towns and villages throughout our region. continues to build a strong centralised festival section where you can find out about each and every festival. This autumn we will be focusing our attention on harvest festivals. Remember though that "harvest" includes the annual slaughter of pigs, sheep and other animals - events that have given rise to cherished fiestas and rituals. Keep an eye out for the October edition of our homepage which will be published on October 1st. In the meantime, I'd like to mention a festival that made the news today and takes place right at the start of next month - on October 2, to be exact. The "Fiesta del Chivo" is an annual event held in Villanueva del Tapia inland from Málaga capital that features suckling lamb. This year 37 chefs will be competing for titles ranging from "Most Innovative" to "Most Traditional" as they prepare their best recipes. And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned as we bring you news of fairs dedicated to everything from serrano jams, Spanish cheeses, the quince harvest, tapas, a wider variety of breads than you ever imagined and so many other local delights. tramadol collect on delivery absent period while using clomid
Blog published on 24 September 2008