Bailen 1808 to 2008 - History Comes to Life

You can read all about the great big battle of Bailén in the province of Jaen in Manual Bocero de la Rosa's historical novel published by Editorial Almuzara. That was the battle that marked the turning point in Napoleon's invasion of Spain. It was the first time Spaniards won a battle and began to turn the tide in their favour and this July 19 marks the 200th anniversary. Residents of the city of Bailén have been marking the event for 200 years now, but the bi-centennial celebrations promise to put this thriving inland metropolis on the map. Don't worry if you can't make it for the July 19 re-enactment of the battle's beginning (that takes place at exactly 2:40 a.m.), the fiesta goes on through the 22nd of July and there will be an exhibition open to the public through mid-August. If you're concerned about the heat, don't be. You can be sure that careful planning will provide you with plenty of opportunities to live this historical festival in the cool of the evening and on through the night. Once you arrive in Bailén your first stop should be the tourist office to pick up one of the detailed schedules of events that has taken so many months to prepare. Do be advised that it could be hard to find a hotel in the area. You might need to stay in one of Jaen's other cities such as Úbeda or Jaen capital, or even one of the smaller villages and commute back and forth to the festival. generic viagra for under $50.00 safety in grapefruit juice and plavix premarin and weight gain
Blog published on 18 July 2008