Beach life

This bank holiday weekend we're having fantastic weather here in Andalucia. It's unusually warm and sunny for the end of February - today is Dia de Andalucia. Which means that it's perfect weather for heading to the beach for the day. One of the great things about living in Andalucia is that there is so much coastline that wherever you live, you are bound to be within reach of a beach for a day trip (well, almost). Yesterday we went to three beaches in Cadiz province. At the first, Bolonia, we went to a marvellous new museum/visitor centre for the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. This was a town which was famous for producing garum, fish paste which was such a highly-prized delicacy. Unfortunately the part where the factory was, which still has its stone vats intact, is still being restored. Then we went to Canos de Meca, the surfers' paradise. It's a gentle curve that sweeps round to the Cape of Trafalgar. Finally El Palmar which is a long straight beach - 12km in fact, lined with restaurants of every type. So if you get the chance why not try out one of Andalucia's many beaches?
Blog published on 28 February 2011