Beat the Heat

Is Andalucia getting a bit too hot for you? Why not head up to Pamplona this weekend? Right now the San Fermín "Running of the Bulls" festival is in full swing through the 14th of July. Yes, you've missed the Txupinazo - the customary drinking and spraying of champaigne that opens the festival on the 6th, and the big procession in which a statue of the saint himself (San Fermín, of course) is paraded around town. But there is plenty more to come as this festival is full swing with periodic running of the bulls right through the streets of the city and so many other events non-stop until the very last minute of the festival - at 12:00 midnight on July 14 when everyone gathers in the centre of Pamplona to sing "Pobre de mí" (Poor me). If you'd like to fit in, wear white with a red scarf and waistband, plan to drink (and eat) plenty and try to stick to the sidelines when the bull running begins (it's safer that way!). Expect plenty of music in the streets as local "peñas" get out and perform for one and all. This is also a great time to practice your Spanish as traditional ballads called "comparsas" (traditional for the carnivals in southern Spain) will also abound. ¡Viva la fiesta!
Blog published on 10 July 2008