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Big Brother

Thanks to this blog, you already know that there is no privacy under any commercial olive tree in Andaulcia! Remember that each one has a GPS coordinate and is kept under careful satellite surveillance by the regional government! Olive trees aside, most people know we all have access to satellite images of even the most remote corners of the earth - not to mention our next door neighbour's orchard or inner patio. And what about our streets? In any provincial capital you might find video surveillance cameras keeping tabs on public areas. I know for certain this is the case in the centre of Málaga city. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise to home owners with swimming pools that regional authorities are prepared to resort to satellite action in order to ensure that those in the most drought affected areas stick to the rules of water use this summer. A recent report listed a number of areas in Málaga province that have special restrictions placed on pools. Those are: Álora, Alhaurín de la Torre, Alhaurín el Grande; Cártama, Coín, Málaga city and Pizarra. Anyone filling a pool more than once this summer in any of those areas is liable to be fined up to 6,000 euros. Yes, big brother is watching, and it looks like law enforcement in Spain might be evolving in a new direction...
Blog published on 5 June 2008