Blown over by the Fair?

Seville is teaming with life today as everyone - residents and visitors alike -are ready to enjoy a week of fun and festivity in a traditional event that rocks the city every year around this time. Weather reports, however, are not co-operating this year, with winds of up to 90 kilometres an hour predicted to blow the event over if tents aren't tightly tied down! And look out for those paper lanterns! Must admit I was personally blown over by the fair back in my student days, living in Triana with a lovely Spanish woman and her daughter. Such was the warmth of our relationship that Concha actually borrowed a flamenco dress and tailored it for me in order to send me off to the fair in style. A good friend, Leticia, insisted I spend the entire week in her father's caseta - which gave me plenty of practice dancing Sevillanas, the regional dance. And in between the twirling dances we girls were treated to one round of sherry and tapas after another in a blur of experience that went on all night, every night. The early light of morning brough rounds of "churros and chocolate". Then it was off to bed only to be woken at 1:00 p.m. to get ready for lunch back at the fairgrounds or at a nearby restaurant. The highlight for me was a ride on horseback in full flamenco garb (me, not the horse) and feeling more concerned about the unruly ruffles of my dress than the amazing scenery I probably missed completely. It was a once in a lifetime event for me and - weather co-operating - I recommend it to everyone. Read more about the Seville April Fair.
Blog published on 7 April 2008