Costa del Sol Business Awards 2008!

Did you know you're invited to the first ever edition of the Costa del Sol Business Awards? That's right. The awards ceremony takes place on Thursday, October 23rd at the Hotel El Fuerte on the Costa del Sol in honour of Foreign Residents Business Day. Companies run from Andalucia by foreigners will receive awards for accomplishments such as "Integration in Andalucia", which will go to the company that has best integrated into the fabric of our local society. There will be an award for Innovation, another for Business Promotion of Andalucia, an award to the Best Association, one for the top Young Entrepeneur and finally a Company of the Year. This exciting event is hosted by our regional government, the Junta de Andalucia, as a way to show appreciation to the many foreigners who bring so much to southern Spain. For more information and reservations, ring the CADE office in Marbella on 951 27 02 01.
Blog published on 17 October 2008