Could Tough Times have a Silver Lining?

Would you believe we're nearing the one million mark in terms of unemployment in Andalucia? To be more exact 774,198 people are officially unemployed in this region at this time. That is an historic figure for the south of Spain, and has politicians in the Andalusian parliament pointing fingers at one another like never before. Can we really blame the situation on the regional government? Clearly this is a global situation and will require work at many levels to bring balance back to the financial system. On the bright side though, I've read more than one news item that highlights the positive effects of financial crises on our health. In fact, there have been studies showing that mortality rates often drop during times of financial crises, and this is believed to be due to a slower pace of life as the stress of a booming economy eases and people are forced to get back to the basics. At the top of the list of basics is the simple idea of taking the time to cook and enjoy good, old fashioned home made meals. There is speculation that during tough financial times people eat less junk food and take the time to enjoy simple, wholesome ingredients they might have passed over were they still living life in the fast lane, guzzling down extra large soft drinks accompanied by fast food fried to a frizzle. Now, if we put two and two together, then Andalucia's unemployment rate could be a very good thing for the traditional Mediterranean diet. So, let's have three cheers for lentils, fresh fish and a bountiful Andalusian green salad with a generous splash of olive oil! Note: You can have a glass of wine with that. soma by chicos coupon codes
Blog published on 9 March 2009