Día de los Santos

Another holiday in Spain! It seems like we just finished the lovely “Puente de Pilar” (The Pilar Bridge Weekend) when everyone was celebrating the patron saint of the armed forced (and the rest of the world was celebrating Columbus Day). For those who are new to Spanish customs, these long weekends are called “puentes” because even if the holiday lands on Thursday or Tuesday, it will still run into the weekend by simply creating a convenient bridge (by taking the Friday or Monday off as well as the corresponding holiday). Today is a day to head for the local cemetery for the annual clean up session. Florists will be open today so that everyone can buy fresh flowers and decorations for the niches. Of special interest to those with a sweet tooth is a pastry that is only sold this time of year. Stop by your local bakery and ask for “Huesos de Santos” (Saint’s Bones) to try it out. In some villages in Andalucia this will be a day of toasting as well. This is known as the annual “tostón” and it involves roasting chestnuts and savouring them with a small glass of anis. You can learn more about this and other events in Andalucia.com’s festival pages.
Blog published on 4 November 2009