Doñana saved from fracking - for now

Good news for environmentalists and nature-lovers: the plan to drill for natural gas in Doñana National Park, which is a UNESCO-recognised biosphere, has been halted.
In a victory for those who value this protected natural space, home to Iberian lynx, mongoose, imperial eagles and countless other endangered species, the Junta de Andalucia has stopped the tests which were going to be carried out into the possility of fracking (extracting) and storing underground gas inside the park, and bulding 20km of pipeline to transport the gas across the park.
The 200-million-euro project carried with it the potential risk of leaks and explosions which would cause irreparable damage to this last remaining wild corner of Spain, with its seasonal wetlands home to thousands of migrating birds.
Environmental groups such as WWF and Greenpeace, which had been campaigning against the project, were delighted with the Junta's decision, and demanded the complete cancellation. Many were astonished that such a dangerous and invasive plan was even considered inside a protected natural area.
Blog published on 29 April 2013