Enjoy the Beach in Andalucia

I can’t help it. Safety is such an important topic I’ve got to post just a bit more information for those of you who enjoy spending summer holidays at our lovely local beaches. Here we are along the calm, passive Mediterranean. What a delight, with warm currents bringing perfect temperatures for swimming, and long stretches of sandy beach feeling so good under our bare feet. Have you seen those red flags they raise at certain points along the shore? It’s hard to believe that there could really be danger off such placid shores. But in fact, every year – and let me repeat: every year – local papers report drowning off the beaches of the lovely Andalucian Coasts. What really amazes me is how often people drown when the red flag is flying – as if the alarm it signals really couldn’t be true. It is essential to mind the signals at the beach, even if the weather seems perfect to you. In fact, there could be vicious currents ripping offshore. It’s also a good idea to protect your feet when exploring rocky areas of our coast. A species of prickly sea anemone inhabits these beaches and if you step on one and the spine breaks off in your foot, you could suffer the consequences for weeks to come. One last thing to watch out for is the jelly fish. These come and go and in recent years there have been literal invasions along the coast. The stinging variety does cause ample irritation. Should you suffer a sting, visit your first aid station immediately for treatment. Also, you might consider bringing a bottle of vinegar to the beach with you for first aid purposes as this is a local home remedy for treating stings right away. Spanish beaches are packed with holiday makers every year – and clearly they are generally safe places to play, sunbathe and swim. The key is to follow the rules and watch out for yourself and your loved ones. It only takes a few simple precautions to ensure all your memories are good.
Blog published on 10 August 2009