Exciting Times for Foreigners in Andalucia

The first ever Costa del Sol Foreign Business Awards are exciting news not only for Andalucia.com - as Company of the Year - but also for all foreigners working hard to do good business in this region. Oscar Fernandez, the director of the Business Developmente Centre CADE's Marbella office, has taken a special interest in extending government aid and expertise to foreigners wishing to start businesses in this region. Thanks to his initiative, our regional government is coming to truly appreciate the force we represent. When you think about it, as foreign resident entrepeneurs we bring with us a whole network of connections abroad, and these connections are an invaluable resource for Andalucia as the region launches into the global economy. As foreigners, however, we may lack a rich network of connections locally, and this is where the Junta de Andalucia's regional business development offices come in. Wherever you are in Andalucia you can stop by your local CADE business development centre for advice, support and help in getting subsidies. However, as a foreigner, you might wish to at least make your initial contact with the Marbella office because the staff has chosen to specialise in working with the foreign population. From there, you can head back to whichever corner of the region you wish to base your business in and continue to receive support from your local CADE office. The number for CADE Marbella is 951 27 02 01. Best of luck!
Blog published on 27 October 2008