Fiesta Count Down

Have you every stopped to count all the holidays we have in Andalucia? If you work in this region, then you'll be aware of the "Calendario Laboral" that is posted every year to help us plan around the FOURTEEN national, regional and local annual holidays. And it's important to have one of these calendars for each and every town or city that you spend part of your life in. For example, if you live in a small town but work in your provincial capital, you'll need two separate calndars in order to prepare for those "fiestas locales" that tend to catch us by surprise. Even if you're retired, it is helpful to have information regarding when these "total shutdowns" will take place. Imagine this: I live in one town, work in another and my children go to school in a third town. Fortunately there aren't that many local holidays - one or two per year. And somehow it all works out. But it can become confusing - and more than once I've had a last minute shock when I learned that there would be no school tomorrow (should have checked the calendar!) or shown up at the local supermarket to find everything closed (time to head for the next village). And by the way, tomorrow there are local holidays in Seville and Granada... One thing is sure, if you're counting down to the next "fiesta", you probably won't have long to wait.
Blog published on 21 May 2008