The gateway to the Feria

The Feria de Abril here in Sevilla starts officially next Tuesday, with the alumbrao, the lighting up of the portada (entrance gate) at midnight on Monday. Around 20,000 bulbs are switched on, illuminating the magnificent gateway. The last day is Sunday, so there's plenty of opportunity to visit at the weekend.
This year's is based on the Iglesia de San Salvador, one of Seville's most emblematic churches, which was recently restored, and celebrates its tricentary this year. It also has design elements referring to the 20th anniversary of the Expo 92, which takes place this weekend, and the bicentenary of La Pepa, Spain's first ever constitution, drawn up in Cadiz in 1812.

If you're lucky enough to be going to the Feria, be sure to take a good look at the portada, as it's easy to walk under it, without looking up and giving it a good close examination, to catch all the details. Much thought goes into this impressive visual statement of Seville's biggest annual social event.
For those who won't be strolling under the farolillos and sipping rebujito before dancing Sevillanas (I always try my best, but it's not my forte), look out for more photos here next week.
Blog published on 19 April 2012