Giving Life in Andalucia

Listen up everybody. Our regional blood banks are calling for donors to provide lifegiving blood after a holiday season that traditionally drains the accounts - due to traffic accidents among other things. Every province throughout Andalucia has centres for donating blood, as well as mobile donation centres that make regular stops in towns and cities. If you don't know where to go, stop by your nearest health centre to find out. You can also ask at the town hall or the local police station in your area. In addition to donating blood, it is also good to know that we have a very professional organ donor programme in Andalucia. In fact, this region has one of the highest donation rates in Spain and Europe (in terms of the percentage of the population that agrees to donate loved ones organs in the event of death). You can read all about the organ donor programme in the health section. Just to to Public Health and you'll find some very interesting facts and figures as well as information about how to obtain a donor card. Finally, in the decade or so that I have been living and working in the press here in southern Spain, I have had occasional queries regarding how to donate a body to medical science - something not everyone thinks about! If this is of interest to you, then it is something you must work out with the university teaching hospital or medical department at the university nearest your place of residence. This type of donation contributes to furthering the education of local medical students.
Blog published on 14 January 2008