Good Cause for a Climb

There are so many ways to "give back" and I'm always happy to see how local companies in our region are so concerned about putting some of their capital - be it financial or manpower - into good causes. This Saturday, May 31st, we have employees from the Marbella branch of Obelisk International, an overseas property, finance and investment specialist, climbing Marbella's La Concha mountain and venturing deep into Ronda's caves to raise sponsorship money for the UK's Rhys Daniels Trust. The Rhys Daniels Trust works to provide accommodation for the families of desperately sick children who require medical treatment in specialist hospitals far from their homes. The funds from this Marbella climb will help support families requiring the services of the children's unit at the Southampton General Hospital. I'd like cheer on the dedicated staff at Obelisk International who are organising the events this weekend. If every company could organise just one such event per year for the good cause of their choice - just think what a different place this world would be! And by the way, you can make a donation at
Blog published on 27 May 2008