Good news for drivers

Still on the subject of traffic and driving in Andalucia, I must let everyone know that as of this week the Guardia Civil patrol cars are to be equipped with a computer that gives them instant access to information about whether or not a vehicle is properly insured. Millions of uninsured vehicles are travelling on the roads across this country and it is well known that many of them are owned by drivers who are irresponsible in other respects as well. The Traffic Department in Spain is very active in taking one measure after another to do their part to ensure our safety on the country's roads. Now, in addition to radar meters that are being installed along motorways throughout Andalucia and beyond, civil guard agents have a little device that inputs a vehicle's number plates and then reports (by voice) the status of that vehicle's insurance. Spaniards know only two well that their country ranks number three in Europe for most accidents on the roads and they seem to be accepting the multiple new measures rather well. In spite of the fact that we still have very high figures in terms of fatalities on the road, numbers are in fact going down - especially when you take into account that there are more drivers on the roads every year!
Blog published on 24 January 2008