Happy Dí­a de Andalucia!

Time for yet another holiday here in Andalucia. That's right, February 28th is a day to celebrate. It's Andalucia Day thanks to this region's founding father, Blas Infante, the man whose ideas eventually served to make this region the separate autonomous community it is today. The question many foreigners living in Andalucia have is: what do people do on Dí­a de Andalucía. And the answer is bound to be found in the heart of your nearest town or city where municipal bands are generally called out to play the regional hymn (el Himno de Andalucia) and speeches are made on behalf of regional traditions and politics. As might be expected, the holiday is also observed at schools across the region. However, because it always ocurrs during the "Semana Blanca" (White Week) half term holidays, it is celebrated the week before with the youngest ones colouring Andalucian flags and the parents associations at many state schools organising large "bread and olive oil" morning snack times to ensure children are well acquainted with the "bread and (equivalent of) butter" of Andalusian cuisine. So there you have it - another reason to celebrate! ¡Feliz Día de Andalucia!
Blog published on 27 February 2008