High Speed Information

High speed information doesn't only come in the form of online messages and news. It can also burst into a city via high speed train lines thanks to RENFE's expansion in our region. According to the latest reports, not only does the high speed train already pass through Antequera on its way between Málaga and Córdoba, it looks like this quiet provincial city is set to become the main, regional hub for travellers to and from Seville, Granada and Algeciras. This means that an estimated 14 million passengers per year could whiz through the station. And who knows? Maybe a good number of them will decide to take some time out to see the charming city of Antequera and its amazing natural surroundings - El Torcal, Fuente de Piedra with its migrating flamingo population... At present environmental studies are being carried out and technicians have been working on ways to avoid damaging an important archeological find between Antequera and Granada and bypass subterranean water deposits. The entire project should be finished in five years. The new Antequera train hub will make it possible to travel between Seville and Málaga in just 55 minutes and Granada and Málaga in just 50 minutes. Now that's high speed!
Blog published on 26 May 2008