Land of the Olive

Would you believe that there is a GPS co-ordinate on record for every single commercial olive tree in Andalucia? That's right. That's how serious the olive production industry is in southern Spain. And with EU subsidies funding this industry we should hardly expect less than tight control (which is why a group of farmers who recently tried to fool authorities by planting sticks and then filing for subsidies, didn't get very far). Right now - and running through the end of April there is an amazing series of exhibitions and activities in the Province of Jaen called "Lands of Olive Trees" (Tierras del Olivo) that looks at the past and present of olive oil production around the world. It will include perspectives on industries as far ranging as Peru and Tunisia, from Jordan to New Zealand - 30 countries in all. If, therefore, you are a fan of olive oil, this is your big chance to get on over Jaen to taste the world's olive oils - not only in special tastings, but also in dishes from around the world that depend on this liquid gold as a main ingredient. This will also be a chance to learn more about the industries of this ancient crop around the world today. The Tierras del Olivo exhibition series will take place in four cities: Jaen capital, Baeza, Úbeda and Baena. You can find out more by ringing 902 195 195.
Blog published on 4 February 2008