Latest news on new Algeciras-Almeria train route

The latest plans for the new train route known as the "Corredor Ferroviario Mediterraneo", or Mediterranean Rail Corridor, have been announced. The first project for strategic freight transportation was approved by the Government in March last year.
Going inland from Algeciras towards Manilva across open farmland, the track will run parallel with the A7 motorway inland, with just three stops: Marbella, Malaga Maria Zambrano and Malaga airport.
It is planned that high-speed trains will run along the new route, which was previously mooted to pass through Antequera. The budget for the Costa del Sol section of track is 2.850 million euros, with the rest of the track costing 7.500 million euros. The reason for this is the number of tunnels and bridges which will need to be built on this mountainous coastline: in the section between Marbella and Malaga alone, there will be nine tunnels and 12 viaducts.
The route was proposed by Fermmed, a lobby group made up of 150 institutions and businesses to promote the trans-European rail network.
It is expected that the route will be finished by 2020.
Blog published on 10 May 2012