Latin America and the Andalucian economy

When looking at the world's rising economies, as well as China and India, many experts cite South America as an area to watch. Everyone knows Brazil is on the up, with the World Cup and Olympics in the next few years. But other countries are boasting stable economies, steady growth and expanding employment possibilities.
So it's great to see that Andalucia's exports to this part of the world are rising exponentially. According to a report in one newspaper this weekend, a week after the Cumbre Iberoamericano (Latin-American Summit) in Cadiz finished, goods sent to Central and South American countries from here in Andalucia rose from 1.4 million in 2010 to nearly 1.7 million in 2011. That figure has gone up a staggering 361% since 2002 - in nine years - or 40% per year.* Spain's exports to the area have, by contrast, gone up on 77% in that time.
The provinces which export the lion's share are Cadiz and Seville, with over 75% between them: Cadiz has more than half the total (55.1%), and Sevilla, nearly 25%.
And what is exported? Aeronautical industry, cooking oil (including olive oil), machines, and food (inclulding fresh and conserved fruit and vegetables, and fish) account for 40% between them. The country which imports most of these goods is Venezuela, followed by Paraguay and then Ecuador.
All reasons to be cheerful!
*Figures provided by Extenda, the Agency for External Promotion of Andalucia.
Blog published on 26 November 2012