Lose weight, and help others too

While it's probably too early to be worrying about your bikini body for beach trips, many of us still have "excess baggage" left over from the Christmas, New Year and Reyes round of non-stop eating and drinking. Having the discipline to cut down on eating unhealthy foods - cakes, biscuits, crisps, frituras etc - on our own can be tough. But if you have someone helping and supporting you along the way, then it's a different matter altogether. Recently launched in Spain, the Cambridge 800 diet offers a range of tasty, nutritionally-balanced snacks such as soups, shakes, porridges and bars, as part of a flexible eating plan which aims to limit your daily calorie intake to a minimum of 800 - hence the name. The products can be used either as a replacement for your normal meals resulting in fast, predictable weight loss; or together with your normal meals, for more gradual weight loss and controlled weight management. On their website, there is a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, which enables you to find out if you are overweight. There are five steps, according to how much weight you want to lose, and how fast, each with the total calorie intake per day, starting from 800 and going up to 1500. The Cambridge 800 consultant guides you through the process. You can also become a Cambridge 800 consultant if you've used the plan successfully yourself, you're aged over 18, are resident in Spain, and have a BMI of 28 or below.
Blog published on 6 February 2012