Madonna goes torera

Madonna, bullfighter

Madonna's bullfighter-themed Grammys 2015 performance, in Givenchy outfit. Photo: madonnaphotos/Flickr

The world of bullfighting in Spain, especially here in Andalucia, is one which provokes strong reactions. From the breeding of toros bravos, fighting bulls, specifically for la corrida (bullfighting), to the brave men themselves, and the actual fights, visitors to Spain are rarely left indifferent. Anyone who has ever seen a bullfight - whether on TV, as the ones at important bullrings are always televised, or live at Seville, Granada, Malaga or another plaza de toros - cannot failed to have noticed the suits worn by the matadors. These are the men (or, very occasionally, women) who come on last, wearing short pink capes, to finish off the bull with their swords.
Madonna, bullfighting

Another image from the Grammys, where Madonna performed her track Living For Love. Photo: madonnaphotos/Flickr

The suits are called trajes de luces (literally, suits of lights), so named because the gold gleams brightly in the sunshine, and come in a range of bold shades: fuscia pink, vivid turquoise, lime green, and blood red, as well as white and black. These striking outfits consist of skin-tight high-waisted satin knickerbockers and cropped jacket, hand-sewn with gold braid, and matching accessories: knee-high stockings and black pumps, topped with black hat. The entire ensemble will set you back at least 3000 euros. Now such extraordinary and costly suits are becoming sought after by global celebrities - Madonna has ordered two of them, made to measure and mostly hand-sewn, for her new Rebel Heart world tour.  

Jacket made for Madonna's world tour by Daniel Roque Tailors in Utebo (Zaragoza).


M for Madonna on the singer's black bullfighting cape, embroidered with coloured flowers.

The suits were made by Zaragoza tailors Daniel Roqueta - the singer contacted them through Malaga-based website - and were originally wanted for the Academy Awards on 22 February, but time was too short. In the end, the two suits (one black, one white), cape and other items for her dancers on the tour, were finished in record time - 12 days - thanks to staff working all hours. Roqueta dresses star matadors such as El Juli. Madonna will sport the outfits on her world tour, which includes two concerts in Barcelona on 24 and 25 November. The singer chose a bullfighting theme for her Grammys performance of Living For Love earlier this year, as well as the notorious BAFTA ceremony where she tripped over a long cape.
Her interest in the sport dates back more than 20 years - she came to Ronda in 1994 to make a video with torero Emilio Muñoz for her song Take A Bow. See an interview with her here.
bullfighting Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is also a fan of couture bullfighting apparel.

Another A-list celebrity who loves the glamour of bullfighting outfits is Sarah Jessica Parker. The Sex and the City actress worn one of Roqueta's jackets, in white, on the cover of the launch issue of SModa, fashion magazine of El Pais, back in 2011. On, where SJP placed her order, it is shown as costing 1500 euros. You can choose the colour of fabric and braid (gold, silver or black). SJP's is light grey, although it looks white. Will this particular trend filter through to the high street, we wonder?
Blog published on 16 May 2015