Map of Portugese motorway toll cameras

Many of us will be heading off to the Algarve for our holidays now that summer is arriving.
The controversial new toll on the A22 motorway, which is the continuation of the A49 Seville-Huelva motorway (it starts the Portuguese side of the bridge at Ayamonte), has put many people off making the fast, easy journey to the Algarve.
The Portuguese are desperately trying to persuade people that it's still worth going to this hugely popular holiday region, with its beautiful coastline, unspoiled villages and lively resorts - by taking the national (single-carriage) road.

But if you want to be cunning and avoid the cameras situated along the motorway, which snap your licence plate so that you have to pay, then you can look at this handy map of the A22, showing the toll cameras, kindly suggested to us by reader Pietje.

You can see exactly where all the cameras are, along this road which stretches from Villa Real de San Antonio, the first town you come to in Portugal after leaving Spain, on the banks of the river which forms the border between Andalucia and the Algarve, right along the coast to Lagos.
It is always very useful and interesting to hear about people's experiences with these tolls - where, when, how and if you pay them. Please let us know how you are dealing with them - we'd love to hear from you.

Blog published on 24 May 2012