New car anyone?

As we all know, the automobile industry has been particularly hard hit by the current economic situation. Enter: Plan 2000E - the answer to everyone's problems. Well, an answer, at least, to car industry's problems. Plan 2000E gives you 2,000 euros off a new or semi-new (read "used") vehicle provided you meet all the conditions in the not-so-fine print. For example, your purchase can't cost over 30,000 euros and you must turn in a second hand car (at least 10 years old if you're buying a new car and at least 12 if you're buying semi-new). How does it work? Spain's central goverment will pay 500, the regional Junta de Andalucia will pay 500 and the auto industry has to put in the other 1,000 Euros. Is this the answer? I've always wondered about these car subsidies. Does it really make sense to junk our old vehicles and encourage mass production of new cars (that break down a lot sooner than they did in the "old days")? Personally, I thought we were worried enough about the current economic situation to be calling for an entirely "new model" - whatever that may be. But it seems like are main focus is to save the old one. Just keep consuming. That's the key! ...? lamisil spray
Blog published on 18 May 2009