No More Skipping School in Andalucia?

lamisil coupons The Andalucian Ombudsman, Jose Chamizo, is always looking out for new problems to solve. And this one might not be so new, but it definitely needs solving. After all, who among us can claim to never have skipped school? Yes, those were the good old days. But here we are in the year 2009 in Andalucia with a school failure rate that tops the European charts. And this only contributes to widening the gap between the educated and uneducated in this country. The Ombudsman has called on the Andalucian government, therefore, to create an alternative school system for kids who just don't fit into the highly academic structure of the Spanish curriculum. Whereas a few years ago these kids could get out at the age of 14 and start working, now they must stay in school until their 16 years old. Until this latest call by the Ombudsman the main headlines in Spanish press were dedicated to the woes of teachers and "good students" who had to put up with trouble makers who just wanted to get out. Personally, I welcome Chamizo's ideas. Finally someone is looking at the problem through the eyes of kids who know they still need an education but aren't able to keep up with the conventional system. Leaving them out spells trouble for everyone. Finding a way to incorporate them will translate into better returns for society at large. viagra pennis enlargement
Blog published on 19 June 2009