Nuns with a web

A night in a convent for only 15 euros The Monasterio Santa María del Monte Carmelo is perched on a hill outside Estepona; its accommodation is basic and clean, with a shared bathroom, communal kitchen, lounge and ample parking. The Mother Superior and sisters Gracie and Regina are proud of their new venture, and the idea of having a website, and look forward to receiving visitors from all over the world. Sister Gracie is from Kenya and Regina from India, and both of them speak English and Spanish. The adjoining church has wonderful stained-glass windows, designed by the famous Belgian Artisan Rudy, who lives in the nearby town of Casares. The Andalucian sun streams through the stained glass, creating wonderful, colourful shapes within the church. Mass takes place every Sunday at 12 midday. The nuns also make heavenly cakes and sweet liquors with natural ingredients from the village. Their home-made products are for sale, delivered through the typical little swivelling wooden hatch, direct from the cloister nuns. You ring a bell, give your order, hand over the money and, as if by magic, your cakes will appear. So there you have it - a room with a difference for the night, for only 15 euros per person, on Spain's Costa del Sol.
Blog published on 8 February 2011