Olive Oil Experience in Seville

The Aceite Olive Experience next to Palacio San Telmo

The Aceite Olivo Experience, with the tasting carts lined up outside Palacio San Telmo in Seville.

Display of Evoos

Display of EVOOs - in all shapes of bottles and tins.

Anyone who knows Andalucia will know the importance of olive oil in the diet here. For breakfast, on toast, in cold soups, to dress salads, poured over everything from potatoes to fish. This week in Seville, you can taste a variety of dishes which are being made with EVOO - extra virgin olive oil, as well as seeing an exhibition of more than 200 olive oils. More than half of these hail from Andalucia, especially Jaen and Cordoba provinces, such as Cortijo Espiritu Santo, although also Seville, Almeria and Malaga. This exhibition, Aceite de Oliva, Toda Una Experiencia, which takes place in a temporary marquee outside Palacio San Telmo, near Puerta Jerez in Seville, is on until 5 June.
Preparing Alinado de Patatas

Preparing aliñado de patatas.

Crushing the Garlic for Ajo Aceite

Crushing the garlic for ajo-aceite.

Among the tapas you can try are polea, a cold, thick soup of grapes, milk, flour, and of course olive oil; aliñado de patatas (potatoes, spring onions, parsley, sherry vinegar and olive oil) , carpaccio de presa with pipirana (salad of finely chopped peppers, onions, tomatoes and olive oil), and asadillo de pimiento (roasted peppers).
The Four Main Varieties

The four main varieties of olive oil.

Tasting Area

Tasting area of Olive Oil Experience.

If you've never tried different varieties of olive oil, it's well worth tasting these to learn how distinctive the colours, flavours and aromas are - you may have seen the yellow tasting carts around the city over the past few days. The four types of olive oil used in the tastings are sweet arbequina, aromatic cornicabra, fruity hojiblanca and spicy picual. If you don't manage to make it to this tasting experience, be sure to experiment with olive oils next time you're shopping - try a new one; a whole new world of sensations awaits.
Blog published on 1 June 2015