Pool Safety in Andalucia

Andalucia is a sunny, beautiful paradise, a land of endless holiday. This is known as a “safe” tourist destination and, by all practical estimations, it surely is. However, there is one danger that is so often underestimated – and that is found in many easily accessible swimming pools that are open this time of year. Last summer I was shocked to see a child who couldn’t have been more than three years old alone at the edge of a swimming pool in a nearby villa. It was very early and it appeared the rest of the family (visiting on holiday) was still asleep. I couldn’t help keeping busy outside in the garden with an eye on the girl until a sleepy eyed family member wandered outside some time later. Every year children drown in swimming pools in Spain. Like anywhere in the world, the accidents take many forms – everything from a moment’s distraction to outright neglect – but each one is just as tragic as the last. If you come from a country where swimming pools are not the norm, be advised that drowning is a silent accident that only takes minutes. It is hardly possibly to be too careful with children and pets around the pool. Barriers to the pool – such as walls, fences, gates, alarms and safety nets – are helpful for keeping children and pets safe, but they are never to serve as a substitute for adult supervision. If you’re staying near a pool this summer, be sure you always know where your small children are. Read more about Swimming Pool Safety.
Blog published on 3 August 2009