Roman Splendor in Andalucia

Sometime it seems the moors in Andalucia nearly blotted out the splendor of Ancient Rome in the south of Spain. Today it's easy to find moorish temples intact in busy city centres and see the influence of moorish art even in modern ceramics, while Roman culture still depends heavily on archeologists to uncover the dust and piece the mosaics back together. Thankfully we have the amazing Italica and other well preserved sites throughout Andalucia, but it always seems we could use just a bit more information - a few more pieces of the puzzle - to make the picture complete. Now, thanks to a very carefully curated collection of Roman artifacts, history of this amazing civilisation in Andalucia comes to life at the Hospital de los Venerables in Seville, our regional capital. The exhibit runs through the 28th of February 2009 and includes 150 pieces, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, coins and other fragments. The items have been loaned from numerous sources including Spain's National Archeology Museum and El Prado art museum in Madrid and even the Metropolitan. Thanks to some very dedicated collectors throughout history, we are lucky enough to have the items in this prestigious collection. Spain's King Carlos III was one such collector along with George Bonsor of Britain, Archer Milton Huntington who founded the Hispanic Society and Sebastian Martínes from Cádiz. Work from each of their collections has made this exhibit possible. So you've got until February 28th to fit this exhibit into your diary. It's a lovely time of year to visit Seville and you'll find plenty more to see and do in our regional capital as well. Don't forget - is filled with information about Seville and other outstanding destinations in the south of Spain. tamoxifen clomid sale
Blog published on 25 November 2008