The Sales of the Century!

Just when you thought you were too exhausted and financially over-extended to make one more purchase, the retail industry kicks in with super incentives. This year the annual winter sales in Andalucia promise to make history, so take a good siesta, pack up your pocket book and get ready to pull out the plastic for one last shot of consumerism. The "Super Rebajas of the Century" promise discounts starting at 50% and reaching up to 90% off original prices. Now those are sales worth shopping for. You probably noticed that local shops started offering interesting discounts right smack in the middle of the Christmas rush. That was thanks to an emergency law that was passed just to help the economy straggle through tough financial times. But, believe me, that was nothing cipro stain teeth with to conceive trying clomid compared to what's to come. Now, in the midst of the traditional January sales season, the battle to win customers and unload winter inventory promises to be fierce - which is great news for hard core bargain hunters (like me!). Happy Shopping! See you at the Sales!
Blog published on 6 January 2009