Salud Responde

Salud Responde Must say I’m impressed these days with the regional health services help line. I’ll never forget how I had to go stand in line just two days after the birth of my second baby because it was practically impossible to make an appointment by phone. These days I just pick up the phone any time of the night or day – with my health card in hand, of course – and ring 902 505 060. So far I’ve always been attended quickly and politely. Within minutes I have an appointment along with the doctor’s name and even the number of the “consulta” (the doctor’s room in the health centre). Truly amazing! I haven’t used this service in English, but you are welcome to do so. In that case you may have to wait while you’re transferred to the English speaking attendant. This shouldn’t be a problem as the regional government has hired a 24 hour telephone translation service to aid the health system. Now, that we have the chance to quickly land an appointment with the doctor, I just wish that appointment could be scheduled while my child still has a fever and not one week after the fact!
Blog published on 23 November 2009