A Spanish Style Summer

So it’s summer and the beach is ready and waiting, but you’re not a beach person! Or, let’s say you’ve had it with the crowds at the beach and you’d like to get away. Is it really too hot to go inland? Not always. Think about it, millions of people live inland and put up with the heat. There are ways to enjoy inland destinations right now, at this time of the year. You’ve just got to take a few hints from the natives – like living at night. Travelling to inland Andalucia in the summertime requires an open mind, flexibility and… and air conditioned room to sleep in at night – and during the siesta. That’s the trick. After those conditions are met, then it’s a matter or organising your day around the heat, just like the natives do. Plan to get up early in the morning to explore your destination. By 1:00 it’s time to start looking for a nice, air conditioned restaurant. Have a long, leisurely lunch and then head back to the hotel to hide out, napping, reading and watching television until at least 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening – or later. Now it’s time to hit the streets again, and you won’t be alone. As the sun sets, the streets will fill to capacity and the fun begins. It’s time to stroll about and see the sights. Top off your evening with a late dinner and you’re on a roll. This may not be the Spanish holiday you’re used to, but you might just find it’s fun for a change.
Blog published on 6 July 2009