Summer returns to Andalucia?

If you're connecting with us from a cold, wet, rainy region of the world, prepare to turn green! The weather in southern Spain has taken a turn for the warm, balmy better. Wow! These late fall "summers" are the best - not so blazing hot like July and August. And neither do they have that little nip of chill you can get in the winter and early spring, even on a nice day. This is time to dine al fresco. The neighbours just took a dip in the swimming pool... But I won't lie. I did hear a yelp or two as they hit emerged from the chilly depths. What can you expect? The water in an unheated pool simply can not heat up like it does during the blazing hot summer months. So, no matter how inviting the water looks and no matter how hot you feel, best to stick to the terrace. That's my advice. Spaniards call these autumn warm spells "veranillo", which means "little summer". And you may hear some refer to this as the "Veranillo de San Miguel", as Saint Michael's Day is September 29. Some however, would argue that this particular "veranillo" should be called "Veranillo de San Martín" because it's no longer September. However, it so happens that Saint Martin's Day is November 11th, which means we're not quite there yet either. Whatever the case, the weather is divine. Perhaps we can just let the two Saints share the glory!
Blog published on 5 October 2009