Taste a Spanish Summer

Spanish cuisine changes dramatically in the summer time, and it’s no wonder given the intense heat. Not only is it too hot to cook, but it’s also too hot to eat a steaming bowl of soup or stew. You’ve probably heard of gazpacho, the Spanish cold tomato soup that is so refreshing in the summer, but that’s not the only tempting cool dish to enjoy this time of year. Other favourites on my list are cold pasta, potato and couscous salads. This month I’m going to feature a little series of favourite summer dishes. Let’s start with my version of Spanish pasta salad: Padilla Pasta Salad 500 grams curly vegetable pasta cooked and cooled 2 small tins of corn 1 tin black olives, sliced 4 tins of tuna packed in olive oil Chopped fresh tomatoes – as many as you like Salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil to suit your taste If you like you can add feta cheese or even grated cheddar. Mix everything together and chill before serving. Enjoy!
Blog published on 13 July 2009