Visit the Coast in Autumn

I love visiting the beaches of Andalucia in the autumn – no matter what the weather. At this time of year there are so few people on the coast that it’s easy to park and the beaches tend to be deserted. Perfect! When else can you take long, quite walks on beaches that are packed out in the summer? To be honest, I even take the children to the beach this time of year along with their sand toys and a blanket. I find that as long as it’s not raining or windy, the weather is ideal for playing on the beach. We generally don’t go in the water – unless it’s one of those exceptional days when the temperatures are fine for wading (and we do see so many northern Europeans enjoying a good swim as well). I highly recommend small cities like Almuñecar this time of year. In fact, it’s one of my favourite autumn/winter coastal destinations. This beautiful little seaside town has such a wonderful promenade, a great climb to the lookout point, lovely beaches and parks and plenty of restaurants. If it’s a sunny morning, stop by one of the tiny restaurants on the beach that cranks out fresh churros with thick, hot chocolate – or a coffee.
Blog published on 9 November 2009