Want to develop your internet business?

On the blog this time last year, I mentioned a new initiative to help web-based companies develop and grow their businesses, supported by local talent and expertise: Nuevos Talentos Andalucia. Now the second edition of this is open - but only until 7 May.
It is often during challenging economic times when the most brilliant ideas are conceived - great concepts to suit the mood, and make the most of the moment, which might otherwise not have come about.
The project is organised by CADE (Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresarial de Marbella), which is part of the Andalucia Emprende Fundacion Public Andaluza, in collaboration with the Consejeria de Empleo; Consejeria de Economia, Innovacion y Ciencia; Unicaja; Camara de Comercio de Malaga; UMA; Andalucia.com; Andalucia Web Solutions; and Martinez Echevarria Perez Ferrero lawyers.
Applications must be received by 7 May.
On 14 May, the ten finalists will have a one-day training course covering subjects such as presentation; financing; marketing, communications and social media; and making a business plan.
Then, on 4 June, the finalists will present their business plans to the jury. The winning project will be chosen for its feasability and creativity, and the technology used.
Judges are:
Carmen Pino, Costa del Sol Manager, CADE - Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresarial.
José Orbaneja, Investment analyst, CADE - Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresarial de Marbella
Chris Chaplow, Director de Andalucia.com
Antonio Guevara, Vice Dean, Tourism Faculty, Universidad de Málaga
Eugenio Martinez Echevarria, Martinez Echevarría Abogados
Beatriz Cestino , Unicaja
Cámara de Comercio de Málaga
The winner will receive their own office, domain name, Linux server, and a banner ad on andalucia.com’s home page (Spanish version) free for a year; legal and tax advice from Martinez Echevarria Perez Ferrero lawyers; a financial risk study for a 10,000-euro microcredit by Unicaja’s Investment Department; business suport from CADE MArbella; and 10 hours’ web design.

In the first edition, which took place last year, 54 businesses entered. The winner was mybalcony.com from Malaga, which rents out balconies of houses and apartments in towns and cities (those with great views) for special events such as processions and fiestas.
Please note that the whole process is conducted in Spanish, so you will need a good level, both written and spoken.
For more information, please go to Nuevos Talentos Andalucia.
Blog published on 26 April 2012