Water Chess and Andalucia's Arab Baths

Now here's something new for you. How about a little water chess? Playing chess in the water, however, is not exactly new. The 2008 Water Chess tournament that is taking place this month at participating Arab Baths in Granada, Cordoba and Madrid represents an attempt to re-live part of Spain's historical past. This is a chance to head back into the days of Moorish Spain to experience a favourite old past time. And given the amount of time the Moors reportedly spent bathing, it's hardly surprising to learn they found entertaining ways to pass the time. The 2008 Water Chess Tournament has just begun this week and there's plenty more to come: November 3 and 4 in Granada November 10 and 11 in Cordoba November 17 and 18 in Madrid December 18 Finals in Granada If you'd like to know more about this fascinating event or make reservations to attend, ring 902 333 334.
Blog published on 4 November 2008