World Consumer Day in Andalucia

What a great place to celebrate World Consumer Day! Where better than southern Spain? With such great weather, you can put together the perfect picnic and choose an ideal location to... consume, of course! You can be sure that all of our local consumer organisations have been working hard this week, preparing information and alerts to raise consciousness on this important day, dedicated to one of the most practiced activities on the planet... consumption, of course. Fuel prices are at the top of the lists of consumer concerns at the moment. However, one of my favourite alerts has been issued by FACUA, the Andalucian Federation of Consumer and User Associations: nine out of ten breakfast cereals are too high in sugar for our good health. Now who would have guessed? Must say I'm grateful though to have the backing of a heavyweight like FACUA next time I turn down requests to start the day "right" with a bowl of sugar coated sugar flakes. "Sorry kids, but FACUA says...". Here's to another year of new, improved... consumption, what else?
Blog published on 14 March 2008