Would you like to work as a language assistant?

As part of its multi-lingual programme for schools (Plan de Plurilinguismo en Andalucia), the Junta de Andalucia is advertising for language assistants. The pay is 700 euros, and the hours vary according to school. The deadline for applications is 19 October, a week from Wednesday. The criteria are: 1) You must be a native of a country whose official language is being taught on the programme. 2) You must have the nationality of a country whose official language you are applying to teach (ie an American, Canadian, Australian or English person to teach English). 3) You must have either an EU country passport, or a residency permit which is valid until at least 31 May of the relevant academic year (ie, in this case 31 May 2012). 4) You must be aged at least 18 years old on the closing date for applications (19 October). 5) You must have a university degree from the country who official language you are applying to teach (ie a degree in English from the US, the UK, Australia or Canada). Applications will be given points according to the following criteria: 1) Extra university degrees (in addition to the basic requirements, as listed above), maximum 14 points: doctorate, 4 points; licence, 3 points; bilingual masters, 3 points; diploma (in addition to the basic requirements), 2 points; masters or postgrad, 2 points. 2) Teaching experience, maximum 10 points For each year's experience, 1.2 points; for each month's teaching , 0.1 point; 3) Experience as a language assistant in a Junta de Andalucia school, maximum 4 points For each year's experience. 1.2 points; for each month's experience, 0.1 point. 4) Motivating letter, maximum 3 points, along these criteria Linguistic correctness, up to 1 point; reasons given for wanting job, up to 1 point; innovation and originality of job development, up to 1 point. These are documents needed for the application: * For EU citizens, photocopy of passport or ID card; for others, photocopy of Tarjeta de Identificacion de Extranjeros * Photocopy of relevant university degree certificate * European CV * Certificate detailing experience as teacher or language assistant (except when experience is at Junta de Andalucia school). The full details are in the relevant BOJA (Bulletin Official de la Junta de Andalucia), in this case number 192. Good luck, whatever your language!
Blog published on 10 October 2011