Altiplano - Huéscar

Altiplano - Huéscar


The Andalusian village of Orce may be small, but is nevertheless of remarkable importance in the search of the first traces mankind in Iberia, with archaeological digs uncovering proof of settlers there from millions of years ago. In the far north of the Granada Province and bordering onto the Province of Almeria.


The village of Galera is a natural beauty spot, which is steeped in the history of many cultures going back some 4,000 years. With a population of less than 1,500, this unspoiled village in the Granada 'Altiplano' area and is one of the six villages with makes up the Huescar region within that area.

Puebla de Don Fadrique

Puebla de Don Fabrique has been described as the most beautiful village in the whole of Andalusia and it must surely be one of the most unspoiled. It is at the most northern point of the Huescar region of Granada's "Altiplano" and it border's with Andalusia's neighbouring Region of Murcia. The stunning natural landscapes and authentic rural lifestyle are truly authentic and a joy to experience.


Castril is one of the six villages which make up the Huescar region in the Province of Granada and is about 150 kilometres from Granada City. The village is set at an altitude of 890 metres and has a population of 2,656. This idyllic countryside hamlet is situated on the edge of the Province of Jaen, bordering on the stunning natural park of Cazorla.


The small town of Huescar is known as "Cuidad de la Paz" (City of Peace). It sits at an altitude of 953 metres and has a population of less than 8,500. Its ancient traditions and folklore are kept alive and the rural lifestyle is that of the authentic Andalusian village. The natural surroundings are picturesque, with the stunning backdrop of mountain peaks and greenery.