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Sierra de Alhamilla Natural Area

Only 15km northeast of Almeria city is this largely barren and rugged 8,500ha mountain range, designated a protected natural area in 1989. Riven by deep gullies, particularly on its southern slopes, it rises to 1,387m at its highest point of the Colativí peak.

Balneario de Sierra Alhamilla

The Sierra Alhamilla Spa is situated on the slopes of the Sierra. It is believed that Romans and Arabs knew of the existence of this spring, and the well-preserved pools are a vestige of their time here.

Iglesia de San Indalecio

The church was recognized as the Episcopal Headquaters in Rome by the Apostles at the beginning of the fourth century. During the Visigoth period, its Bishops attended the councils of Toledo and, in the High Middle Ages, already under Muslim domination, it was preserved until the late-eleventh century.

Ermita de San Indalecio

The tiny chapel dedicated to San Indalecio, patron saint of the town, sits on the outskirts of the town and holds the oldest Pechina pattern image inside. Located on Camino Benahadux.

Peña Flamenca El Yunque

A performance centre dedicated to flamenco dancing and singing. The centre regularly offers shows for the public and has even hosted flamenco festivals. Located on Calle Angustias.

Yacimiento Arqueologico de Bayyana

This archaeological site is a medieval city that corresponds to the Muslim occupation of the town. A large number of coins have been found at this site, which can now be seen in the Museum of Almería. The site continues to offer interesting insights as excavations are continuously carried out.

El Chorrilo de Pechina

An old deserted mining hamlet in the Sierra Alhamilla, where Exodus: Gods and Kings was filmed. For Game of Thrones, a new set was built representing Vaes Dothrak, the only city in the Dothraki Sea. Sir Jorah Mormont and Daarid Naharis rescue Daenerys Targaryen here in Episode 4.

Festivals in Pechina

Festivals in Pechina: Cabalgata Reyes Magos, Carnaval, Día de Andalucía, Semana Santa, Fiestas de San Marcos, Fiestas Patronales de San Indalecio, Fiestas de San Luis Gonzaga and Fiestas de San Claudio.


Situated in valley of the Sierra de Alhamilla and served by the Andaráx River, Pechina is well-known for its magnificent Balneario of 58ºC hot springs, which is open all year round. Pechina plays an important role in the history of the province as it was once the dominant Bayyana documented by Arab geographers and historians, the origin and mother of the city of Almería.