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Only 15km northeast of Almeria city is this largely barren and rugged 8,500ha mountain range, designated a protected natural area in 1989. Riven by deep gullies, particularly on its southern slopes, it rises to 1,387m at its highest point of the Colativí peak.

The Parish Church dates from the sixteenth century. Its strong tower stands out, built in the middle of the sixteenth century to defend the Christians from the attacks of the Moors. In 1965, the Church was the film set for the movie ‘Death Had a Price’, in which some local women appeared as extras. Located in Plaza de España.

The Chapel of San Antonio is a unique construction. According to local legend, an agreement was reached with the neighboring municipality of Lucainena de las Torres to take the icon of the saint from the chapel of origin to Lucainena.

The Festivals in Turrillas are Cabalgata de Reyes Magos, Día de Andalucía, Semana Santa, Fiestas en Honor a San Antonio de Padua and Fiestas en Honor al Emigrante.

Turrillas is situated next to the Parque Natural de Sierra Alhamilla, one of the most beautiful protected areas in Andalucía. At the entrance to Turrillas, close to the small chapel dedicated to San Antonio, is an amazing viewpoint where visitors can soak up the striking landscapes. The town has about 240 inhabitants.