Almeria Province - Suflí


Suflí is situated near the Almanzora valley and has been around for a very long time. Its fritada is the most famous product in the town and surrounding area, made using tomatoes and peppers cooked and roasted in the traditional way, then produced in a factory in the village centre. This product is the basis of the Suflí economy.

The origins of its name come from the Muslim occupation, a time when people dominated those who were ´downhill´, given its location on the mountainside. It's a town with a lot of character that has many fragments from its past among its streets which are easy to navigate for the typical visitor.

The oldest archaeological site in Suflí that still stands is the Suflí tower, of Arab origins.

A visit to the stand-out monuments in the urban hub of the town is highly recommended, like the Parish Church of San Roque and the Chapels of Santa Cruz and San Roque.

This is a perfect place to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the nature and its cultural attractions.

Arts & Crafts

In terms of its arts and crafts, the marble industry stands out as one of the main sources of income for the towns economy, as well as that of the whole district of Almanzora.


However, without a doubt, the main attraction of Suflí lies in its gastronomy, with the traditional ´fritá´, a dish made with tomatoes and peppers. This can be eaten by itself or it can come accompanied with whatever one wants. You can also buy it in the local shops.


In the calendar of festivities there are various important dates, one of them being in honour of the ´fritá´ itself, celebrated in June and coinciding with the day of San Luis, which consists of eating as many varieties of the dish that you can! In May, the Day of the Crosses is celebrated with a pilgrimage from the local chapel and in Easter Week the wheelbarrow festival takes place and is very popular.

How To Get There

Some 94 kilometres separate this town from the city of Almería. To get there, you should take the A-92 towards Tabneras and then the A-349, passing Olula del Río and then take the A-334 to Suflí.

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