Almeria Province - Albánchez


The town of Albánchez is located among rolling hills and is known for its grand production of citrus fruits and pears. The main economic activity of the town, though, is the marble production taken from the local quarries.

Visitors to Albánchez can see a 11th century castle, a Renaissance church, and a tower built at the end of the 19th century. Just outside the village centre there is also a roman aqueduct.

The architectural wealth of the town is clearly visible, with monuments such as the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación, built in the 17th century, the church of Encarnación, the San Roque chapel from the 15th Century and the chapel of San Mateo, from the 14th Century. The cross of Calvario, 2 metres high, is a sign of identification of the new settlers of the 16th century.

This Almerian town also has many archaeological sites remaining from the 11th century in the Cerro del Castillo and the Roman aquaduct of Los Arcos. The monumental complexity of Albánchez is completed with the Torre del Reloj, from the 14th Century, the antique flour mills and Los Caños, a water spring constructed in the 18th Century.


In terms of Gastronomy, the town offers a variety of delicious local dishes including gazpacho (cold soup), meats, rice with rabbit, black pudding, rabbit cooked in garlic, garlic tortilla, special potatoes, potatoes with garlic and meat with salsa.


The parties in this town occur around the 17th January with the San Antón bonfire. However in the middle of August the streets are full of activity and noise due to the celebration of the patron saint of San Roque. These fiestas include a procession and a representation of the soldiers of the Moors and Chirstians. Also, every two years on the 12th of October they celebrate the San Roque Chico, a celebration where the town welcomes emigrants of Cataluña.

How To Get There

Albánchez is located 85 kilometres from Almería city, from where you can take the Rambla de Bélen, continue on the A-7 in the direction of Murcia and taking exit number 453 towards Granada. From there, continue on the A-92, exiting on number 376 towards Tabernas. When you find the A-379, carry on via the ALP-731 which will take you to your destination.

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